When dealing with a service provider, individuals want effective and professional services that will lead to results.  But they also want to retain the “hands on” personal service that smaller companies usually offer.

The two are not opposite.  Professional and effective services can be provided by larger companies that still instill in their employees the sense of “hands on” and personal that clients have come to know and expect.

At the CI Group of Companies, the recent formation of the group enabled the principals of the companies to offer key advantages to their clients while retaining the key personal service that clients deserve.  Some of the advantages of the “group” are:

  • Increased access to internal resources with a diversity of experience and professional background enabling better problem solving for clients;
  • With a larger team, there will always be someone with knowledge of each building available to help – a team approach is favoured in order to ensure that there is sharing of information;
  • Work sharing will also lead to more timely responses.
  • Costs will be less as the Group of Companies will support each other and the client to ensure no extra costs are incurred
  • Transparency is paramount as each company in the Group reports to the client directly.

One key benefit of a larger company is that more professional resources will be made available.  As an example, it would be costly, for a small company, to maintain on staff a professional accountant.  However, a larger company can use the services of a certified professional accountant (CPA) to its clients without having them pay the costs associated with outsourcing.