A person or a corporation can lose its reputation much faster than it can earn it.  This is why it is so important to have policies that foster trust between the Condo Boards. Owners and Management.

CI Property Management,, with the Boards of the Condo properties it manages, has put in place a set of clear, transparent and fair procurement policies and practices.  This gives the condo corporations a heightened sense of security as to how their resources are being managed.

As an example, tendering processes are transparent.  The requests for proposals are public, multiple vendors are sought and condo boards can always request to audit the results.

Does this mean that every request for proposal ends up being won by the lowest bidder?  No.  Every RFP is won by the best bidder – which may or may not offer the best price but will offer the best value for money to our clients.

Our team also plays an important as every individual property manager is asked to provide his/her opinion and consider carefully all options before recommending a solution.

The solution might not always be the one-stop shop of the CI Group of Companies, but the option is always present if only to serve as am industry benchmark during tendering.